01. The Book Barn At Bendooley Estate

Is there anything more romantic than an intimate candle-lit wedding reception held inside your very own book barn?

We fell in love with this romantic yet modern wedding setup at Bendooley Estate and we think you will as well.

This (pictured above) is what we call a ‘statement piece’.

Now that (suspended floral forest complete with pendant lights) is a stunning way to draw attention to the bridal table!

Things You Should Consider Copying For Your Own Wedding:

1. Candles, candles and more candles! You can never have too many candles because they are the simplest and most cost-effective way to create a romantic mood.

2. Consider using long tables instead of the traditional round tables.

3. Invest in flowers! We cannot stress this enough. From our experience, flowers and florals are the foundation elements to any “insta-worthy” wedding. And don’t cheap out on your florist okay? Flowers are not cheap wholesale to begin with (just go to the flower market if you don’t believe us).

4. Definitely hang things from the ceiling. Whether you use lights, a floral installation or a combination of both (as pictured above), suspended elements are a sure way to make a laster impression on your wedding guests.

5. Hire a wedding stylist. DYI may sound attractive at first but there are some serious implications. Aside from the time that you will save spent fretting over every single little detail, there are things that only a professional can provide. For example, a wedding stylist will have the required insurances that a venue will require in order to install certain design elements.

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