02. Bundanon Trust (NSW South Coast)

The flowers for this wedding in NSW South Coast was to die for.

Once again, wedding planner, wedding stylist and hands-on floristry extraordinaire Form Over Function has done it again with this breath-taking wedding setup.

With this stunning natural backdrop to compete with, this wedding brought out all the stops.

Since the bride and groom were nature lovers, a private glamping experience made perfect sense for them.

Now this is 5-star outdoor living!

And this spread by Duck Duck Goose Catering is still making our mouths water.

The groom loves mathematics so their custom wedding logo incorporated one of his favourite mathematic symbols – the infinity symbol.

Things You Should Consider Copying For Your Own Wedding

1. Did you see the easel that held up the seating chart? Did you notice that it was an actual easel that had been used by a painter, not a bland sterile looking one that had be purchased brand new from an arts and craft store? Introduce elements of authenticity into your wedding setup.

2. Give you florist free reign and a budget to go deep. There is nothing more boring and uninspiring than a huge round ball of roses of the exact same colour palette.

3. Invest in awesome stationery not just for the sake of having wedding stationery.

4. A grazing table is always a hit with wedding guests.

5. Be you. The greatest artists steal and put their own interpretation into their imitation art, often resulting in something amazing. How can you incorporate what makes you, you into your wedding day?

6. Say no to the boring signing table and chairs. This is where you sign you life away so make a statement piece out of it.