04. A Romantic Hotel Ballroom (No, It’s Not An Oxymoron)

Sydney wedding stylist Upside Down Events had a big challenge to overcome – how to transform a bland hotel ballroom into something elegant and romantic?

This was their solution and we love it!

Things You Should Consider ‘Copying’ For Your Own Wedding:

1. Hire a bloody wedding stylist! We’re going to keep repeating this until you give in.

2. Some venues will not allow you to suspend things from the ceiling. A mesh backdrop is a good alternative to create a sense of being surrounded by flowers. This was what Upside Down Events did as there was no economical way of installing trusses and rigging points into the Intercontinental Double Bay. Once again, having a wedding stylist to help give you solutions is always a good thing.

3. Re-purpose things. The harsh and untold truth is that weddings create tonnes upon tonnes of waste. To feel a little bit better about the footprint that you leave behind, use design elements that can be re-purposed. For example, seen here, the ceremony welcome sign has been re-purposed as the welcome sign at the reception venue.

4. Do we still need to go on about how awesome candles are?