03. This Couple Transformed A Boring Wedding Function Room Into Something Special

Hiring a function centre for your wedding is unavoidable for many reasons. For starters, they’re safe from the elements (air-conditioning for hot summer nights and central heating for them winter months).

Function centres are bland by design so that the space may be used for any purpose. For a wedding reception. function centres need a bit of styling attention to make it memorable (for the right reasons).

The awesome girl-power team at DBJ Events did one hell of a job transforming the function room at Miramare Gardens into something truly romantic.

Things You Should Consider ‘Copying’ For Your Own Wedding

1. More than a single wedding cake. Who doesn’t love cake? Exactly. Skip the dessert option and serve your delicious wedding cakes instead!

2. Candles create the right mood-lighting. Function rooms are typically bland and have existing lighting that is either too dim, too spotty, and/or too harsh. By introducing the warm light emitted by hundreds of candles, you can easily transform any space into a warm and inviting one. Face it, the last thing you want your wedding reception to look like is like an office conference room.

3. Phase out boring place cards. Traditional place cards are small and hard to read. We’ve seen some really creative ways to modernise the traditional place card. This couple had custom names made from bamboo – keeping things eco-friendly.

4. Seating charts don’t have to be plain.

5. Spend big on flowers. Seriously. Just do it.

6. Clear perspex charger plates are the real deal.