27 of the best wedding photographers in Sydney NSW

Wedding photographers are really awesome people.

I’d like to think so because we have been documenting special moments for hundreds of couples since 2008.

Wedding photographers help keep time on your special day so that things don’t run too late. We solve problems on your big day that nobody else can, like how to pin a buttonhole to your jacket for example. Wedding photographers work tirelessly for hours non-stop. The best ones know how to avoid awkward poses and give you authentic candid moments. And above all else, wedding photographers give you something to remember your wedding day by.

  • Do years of experience matter?
  • Does hiring an award-winning professional photographer promise you with the best wedding photography or style of photography?
  • Does AIPP accreditation matter on this important day of yours?

By the end of this article, you will not only have a list of the best wedding photographers in Sydney but also how to choose the best wedding photographer for you.

How to avoid hiring the wrong Sydney wedding photographer

Here is a quick framework to help you avoid hiring the wrong wedding photographer:

  1. First look at their portfolio and identify things that you like (emotions captured, use of lighting, editing style, angles etc.). List them down.
  2. Ask the wedding photographer for their availability.
  3. Ask to see some further examples of weddings that are similar to your wedding plans (e.g., similar location, same time of day, same season/weather, similar traditions).
  4. If you like what you see, arrange for a telephone or in-person meeting.
  5. Ask the wedding photographer these four questions.
  6. Hire the one that meets all your requirements (pricing, personality, portfolio, contractual terms).

Generally speaking, award-winning badges and claims of AIPP accreditation have minimal correlation to getting the best wedding day experience. Similarly, there is nothing stopping you from hiring a Melbourne, Brisbane, Hunter Valley or Adelaide photographer for your Sydney wedding. We were recently flown to Perth to film and photograph an all-day wedding so don’t let the location of the photographer be a barrier to getting the best person fit for the job.

When quality matters to you then you must avoid wedding photographers who offer large discounts. You can usually spot a budget wedding photographer by their wedding photography packages. That is, they will usually include a free pre-wedding session and even a wedding album for less than $3,000.

Cheap Australian wedding photographers are typically inexperienced or are wedding photography studios who have a churn and burn business model.

And with this framework to hiring the right wedding photographer for you, here is the information you have been patiently waiting for – the best wedding photographers in Sydney. Enjoy!

Best female weddings photographers in Sydney NSW

There are definitely advantages to having a female lead wedding photographer.

For most women, having a female photographer in the room while they’re getting dressed is probably much more comfortable than having a male present. As a result, the resulting images may be more natural rather than forced.

Outside of the changing room, a female wedding photographer tends to be more attentive to when the bride’s dress is out of place or when a bride’s hair needs fixing.

For the longest time, wedding photography was dominated by males and I am proud to recommend so many incredible female wedding photographers available across Sydney-NSW.

Here are 11 of the very best.

  1. Ann Marie Yuen Photography
  2. Anna Turner (Capture Mag Emerging Wedding Photographer Finalist)
  3. Cassandra Ladru Photography
  4. Girl In The White Dress
  5. Lara Hotz
  6. Linda Truong Photography
  7. Nicole Bodle
  8. Samantha Heather
  9. Sonja Cenic Photography (Capture Magazine Top 20 Emerging Wedding Photographer)
  10. Nina Claire Photography
  11. Zoe Morley

Best male wedding photographers in Sydney NSW

  1. At Dusk
  2. Callan Robinson Photography
  3. Dan Cartwright Photography
  4. Hilary Cam Photography
  5. Jack Chauvel
  6. Jack Gilchrist
  7. Justin Aaron Photography
  8. Olguin Photography
  9. Oliver Smith Photo
  10. Robert Meredith
  11. Scott Sursplice Photography

Unbeatable photography teams

Often husband and wife teams (but not always), sometimes having a team is better than a solo photographer (especially for long wedding days or large cultural weddings). So here are the 5 best photography teams for your wedding.

  1. Clarziqque
  2. Fiona + Bobby Photography
  3. Tealily
  4. The Evoke Company (Matt, Casy + Holly)
  5. White Lane Studios (Ali + Sam)


How much does the average wedding photographer cost in Sydney?

An experienced wedding photographer (i.e. 10+ weddings in their portfolio) will typically start from $3,800 for 8-hours of photography coverage.

Who is the best female wedding photographer in Sydney?

There’s so many talented female wedding photographers to choose from. Some of my favourites include: Samantha Heather, Zoe Morley, Anna Turner, Cassandra Ladru, and Lara Hotz.

What types of wedding photographers are there?

From a stylistic point-of-view, there are three types of wedding photographers. You have the more traditional and classic wedding photographer where posed and carefully lit images are the priority. There are purely photojournalistic wedding photographers. And then there are wedding photographers who balance the mix of traditional portraiture with candid moments.

Is it normal for wedding photographers to require full payment upfront?

Yes. This is completely normal across the industry. I know we always required full payment prior to the wedding day (or at least, full payment prior to delivery of wedding photos and/or video).

What makes a wedding photographer a good one?

Photography competency should always be a high priority. The best way to gauge this is by reviewing a photographer’s portfolio. You should look for how a photographer performs in different lighting conditions, environments, and contexts that are relevant to your wedding plans.

About Us

“I love the style of your photography, especially how you use colours.” – a bride recently emailed us.

I had zero intention of becoming a professional wedding photographer.

I fell into it quite by accident back in 2007. From landing my first wedding photography assignment, I was hooked to telling love stories in a meaningful way.

Our easy going and photojournalistic approach to wedding days has see our Sydney wedding photography boutique to expand. In 2018, we filmed our first wedding and since then, Angus Porter Photos & Video has offered non-cheesy wedding cinematography to go with our existing wedding packages.

Due to our expansion, we have the capacity to service across New South Wales, including Wollongong, Southern Highlands, and Blue Mountains. Similarly, we’d happily travel to Canberra or anywhere within Australia for your destination wedding.

Here’s just a small selection of our wedding storytelling portfolio.

As of 2019, Angus Porter is no longer taking on new wedding photography projects

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