11 of our favourite wedding moments (and why)

As a collective of wedding photographers and film-makers, it is inevitable that we all see love and life in our own unique ways; each shaped by our own experiences.

We strongly believe that this diversity in life experiences is what allows us to give our valued clients something that no other wedding studio, agency or individual can provide.

To demonstrate this to you, we have gone through our archives and curated our top 11 favourite wedding moments (#6 is probably our favourite).

5 beautiful weddings you should copy

We’ve seen some incredible wedding setups in our 9+ years of operation and we know an “insta-worthy” wedding when we see it.

If you’re in the wedding planning stage, you’re in for a treat as we break down the most stunning weddings we have ever covered and how you can replicate them (with professional help of course!).

A no-BS guide to planning an eco-friendly wedding without the sh*tty guilt trip

An Australian vegan recently caught the ire when she shared that she was not inviting her non-vegan family members to her wedding, labelling them as ‘murderers’. Whilst we respect her lifestyle choice of being a vegan, we believe that everyone can embrace environmental sustainability in their own way no matter how big or small. Here’s our no-BS guide to how you can have a green wedding your way completely guilt-free.

will it rain on my wedding day

The best indoor wedding ceremony venues in Sydney you can hire right now (updated with photos!)

I’m not a fan of having a wet weather backup plan. From my experience, these backup areas are dark, tiny and there is only so much we can do as wedding photographers. This is why I like to recommend indoor wedding ceremony venues from the get go so that weather never has to be a problem for your wedding day. In this article, I share with you 4 of the best indoor wedding ceremony venues in Sydney that you can hire right now.

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