08. The Party!

There are literally hundreds of photos from the evening – simply far too many to share here. And there is quite possibly an hour of speech videos on this page, so to get you in the mood, here’s a summary of your reception which I think you guys accidentally came acros ..

And here’s a few photos to prove that people were having fun.


Part from the tea ceremony, speeches are the next best thing! And I’m so glad you guys got us for video because we take speeches very seriously.

I don’t know if you remember our first conversation via FaceTime but you guys asked me what I meant by “images woven seamlessly with video”. I know it was a very abstract concept at the time but by now, I truly hope that you appreciate what those words mean.

With these videos, you can relive every word spoken to you by those dearest to you.

And of course, there is your speech.

The Party (Cont.)

Back to some photos!

It was amazing to see everyone tear up the dance floor.

And just like that, almost as fast as the wedding day came, we have reached the end.

But I’m not done with you guys just yet.

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