09. Epilogue

Dear Shir Leen and Jonathan – thank you.

I never know what a wedding will look and feel like until that very day. Your day was pretty special. Just the fact that you were willing to take a huge gamble on flying us across the country without ever meeting me – I was beyond moved and I trust that what we have produced for you has met, if not, exceeded your expectations.

Shortly, you will receive via snail mail a parcel that will contain all your wedding memories in digital format. The delivery itself is an experience so I will not spoil it for you (I am a tease ha!).

What you have seen so far has been a small selection of all your wedding photos. Now that you have seen the curated version of your wedding photos, now it is time to reveal all of them to you.

To make it easier and less overwhelming when viewing all your wedding photos, I have segmented them into different parts of the day. Each is a sub-folder within an online gallery.

PS – when sharing images with family and friends, you can use the individual sub-folders linked above or you can simply direct them to visit the following linkhttps://angusporterphotography.pixieset.com/g/shirleen-x-jonathan-wedding/.

All your wedding photos have been backed up to cloud servers, as have your wedding films – all 13 of them.

So that is pretty much everything from me. Once again, all your wedding day memories will arrive in physical media format shortly.

But before I go, I shall leave you with this.