Dear Erica + Beau

I honestly don’t even know where to start.

Words alone cannot express how grateful for the trust you placed in us. To say that we left your wedding on a high (emotionally and from the sweets that you packed for us for our road trip back to Sydney) is an understatement!

There are weddings and then there are weddings like yours.

Thank you for having us be the custodians of your wedding memories. I only hope that the photos you will see here does your wedding memories justice.



The morning that was ..

I bet you will never forget the lead up to your wedding ceremony Erica.

Beau, as you were in Sutton Forest with your family, Erica had spent the morning at Surry Hills. She had parked the car at Newtown before hopping in a taxi to get to the hairdressing parlour.

However, what we didn’t realise until too late was that when we had left Sterling and cabbed our way back to the car, Erica had left her keys back at Sterling.

So what ensued (whilst not pictured) was a teeny weeny bit of stress as we waited for the keys to be delivered to us.

erica (the bride) has her makeup and hair done at a hairdressing parlour
a black and white still of the bride on the phone with her husband-to-be
the bride has her vintage-inspired hair and makeup done at a hairdressing parlour in newtown, sydney
bride (erica) walks out from hairdresser on the morning of her wedding day
the groom's brother (left) helps adjust the bowtie for the groom (right)
matching bowties for best man (left) and groom (right)

I think your mum approves of the bridal car Beau.

mother of the groom approves of the vintage Holden bridal car

The Southern Highlands is a stunning region by itself and I am so glad that you guys picked such a lovely spot for your wedding day.

But not only that, I love the aesthetic vision you had. The day certainly had a vintage vibe to it, not forced but felt true to who you were – from the vintage wedding dress that you bought Erica and subsequently altered yourself, to all the decor at the ceremony and reception venue.

It was such a joy to photograph, She Design did an amazing job.

outdoor wedding ceremony set up on the grounds of montrose berry far, sutton forrest
floral arch and vintage wooden chairs by s.h.e designs for an outdoor wedding ceremony at montrose berry farm
the barn at montrose berry farm has been decorated and styled for a dinner reception
vintage-inspired wedding decor featuring used glass jars wrapped in old music score

After collecting your car keys, driving home, and getting changed, you were ready to get married!

bride (erica) gets in her vintage Holden car

As we journeyed to Montrose Berry Farm, your guests had gathered as they waited patiently for your arrival.

colourful bouquet that the bride's sister made, it rests on grass against a willow tree

By the way Erica, how freakin’ adorable are your nieces!!?!

vintage holden with rear doors open

Wedding Ceremony

This is the moment you have been waiting for.

Beau waits eagerly as your brother walks you down the aisle.

From the very beginning through to the hugs and kisses towards the end of your wedding ceremony, there was raw emotion all around.

I absolutely love the bouquet that your sister made for you.

The wedding day is never about the wedding photos by dayam guys – you nailed it!

we ask the bride to hug her groom from behind for this bridal photograph taken at montrose berry farm
fairy lights act as bokeh at montrose berry farm for this couple's wedding portraits
bridal portraits taken at montrose berry farm
bride and groom dance beneath a willow tree at montrose berry farm

Remember this moments Erica?

I recall you telling me that you had been taking guitar lessons in secret and I had been looking forward to this.

The pure joy on Beau’s face when he realised what you had gifted him with … priceless.

It was an incredible honour to be in that room on that particular evening and then to witness the dancing beneath the willow tree – thank you for the experience.

I am so glad that you choose us to be your wedding photographers.

outdoor dance floor set up underneath a willow tree with hanging festoon lighting
bride (right) and groom (left) are outside on the night of their wedding, holding sparklers and kiss, in the backround is a willow tree and their guests (also holding sparklers)


About Eric + Beau’s Wedding

Our photography team: Dan + Jack

Wedding ceremony + reception venue: Montrose Berry Farm, Sutton Forest NSW

Bridal make-up and hair: Sterling Hairdressing Parlour and Barber Shop, Surry Hills NSW

Wedding stylist: She Designs

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