Dear Kim + Bobby

Getting a family referral is always a big win for us. It tells us that we left a positive impression when we photographed your sister’s wedding a few years back. But with this sense of pride comes a lot of responsibility.

We knew from the get go that there was a high benchmark to surpass. This pressure didn’t come from you but from ourselves; from our desire to repay your trust in us by delivering you wedding day memories that would blow you away.

And so that is what we set out to do.

Thank you for letting us be an integral part of your wedding day and as you scroll through the images below, my only hope is that it brings forth to you wave upon wave of smiles, snort-inducing-laughter, and even a few tears.

So without further ado, enjoy!


Getting Ready Macedonian Style

It may have rained but that in no way dampened the spirits. In fact, I think it gee-ed your friends up even more Bobby.

Looking smart mate. Very smart.

Kim Gets Ready Much Quieter

As you can see Kim, your (now) husband had quite the party without you.

He got a shave (or a few).
He danced.
He drank.

But over at Shangri-La, things were much more … demure – I think that is an apt word to describe the mood of the room.

sister of the bride cries when she seems the bride in her wedding dress
mother of the bride checks that the bride's wedding dress is buttoned up
sister of the bride has a giggle behind the bride in the Shangri-La hotel room
bride sprays perfume on herself moments before leaving the hotel to go get married

When You Became Husband + Wife


Secondly, there were so many moments that caught my eye as I was editing this set of photos for you. I love how the anticipation shows on your face Kim as you are able to walk down the aisle with your brother by your side. And then to see your face change as you near Bobby at the front of the aisle and the way you look at him ..

And let’s not forget how hilarious the marrying priest was as he tore huge chunks of break and shoved them into your mouths. It had everyone in stitches. That guy is a character!

vera blue sings at her friend's wedding
newlyweds post with the priest that married them whilst holding their marriage certificate
formal family photos after wedding ceremony taken at Macedonian Orthodox Church of Sts Kiril u0026amp; Metodi

And because we realised a little bit too late that everybody had already left and that we hadn’t gotten any shots of you walking out the church as husband and wife, we did a bit of a fakey.

Bridal Portraits

You two are waaaaay too hot together.

About This Wedding

Our wedding photography crew: Dan + Tai + Jihyo The bride wore: Jimmy Choo, Yves Saint Laurent
Kim’s bridal hair and makeup: Hilary Ho
Where the bride got ready: Shangri-La Sydney
Wedding ceremony venue: Macedonian Orthodox Church of Saints Kiril u0026amp; Metodi, Rosebery
Wedding reception venue: Catalina, Rose Bay
Wedding videographer: Top Choi’s Productions
Live acoustic singer: Vera Blue
Where we went for bridal portraits: Centennial Parklands

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