01. Bride And Bridesmaids Dancing In The Rain

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“I remember this moment well”, Dan recalls.

“We all saw the signs that a storm was coming. We could see the dark clouds clearly visible in the horizon as we looked out the windows during bridal prep.”

“Luckily, the rain held off until after the wedding ceremony.”

“It first began slowly, with those big fat juicy drops of rain. Then it escalated rather quickly.”

“I remember at some point, the bridal party ran and took shelter underneath the roof of Watsons Bay pier. Then Eva and her bridesmaids decided to make a break for it – all under a single umbrella.”

“The next thing I know, they’ve ditched the umbrella and decided to dance in the rain!”

“I’m glad I kept on spamming the shutter as this ended up as one of Eva’s favourite memories from her wedding day.”

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