03. We Imitated Solange Knowles Wedding Photos

bride and groom pose with their bridal party in front of a colonial style building in Orange NSW on their wedding day
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Some wedding photographers and studios are afraid of customers who know what they want.

We’re picky ourselves – it is how we ensure that our clients will love what we deliver them. So when it comes to customers who can articulate what they want from their wedding day memories, we welcome them with open arms.

Lauren was a bride who knew exactly what she wanted.

When we met to discuss her wedding plans, she told us that she wanted to do something different.

She really liked the uniqueness of Solange Knowles’ wedding photos and had already told her family to come dressed in a certain way.

“Lauren and John, despite living and working in Sydney, decided to go against the grain and have a country NSW destination wedding.” – lead photographer Dan says.

“They picked Orange and the venue’s historic building was perfect for the image Lauren had in mind. It had a New Orleans vibe to it naturally so it made perfect sense to stage this photo here.”

“It was really fun actually. I mean, I know most photographers will never openly admit to copying another wedding photo but I think the result and the context gives this moments it’s own story – rather than a blatant duplicate.”